Air Export

Most of us agree to the fact that the world needs to be bridged due to the increase of work, business and other factors. To increase the work flow, enhance business profits and maintain high levels of professionalism, it is imperative to get acquainted with the most professional and reputed company that offers and endows its customers with air as well as ocean export services that sets them apart in the eyes of their customers and rivals both!! And this is precisely what we at AEx can do for you!

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A reliable air and ocean export service means that all your business and other goods will reach their destination at the right time without facing any hindrance or difficulties. For your specific needs, offers full container load service while also presenting cost-effective ocean shipping. Besides air and ocean freight importexport, cargo insurance, distribution, warehousing etc, we at AEx are also gifted with a full staff of experienced individuals who can guide and assist you with any queries or problems you may face regarding our export service. These facets combined certainly make us at AEx your one stop destination to avail of the best services available online or offline today. All you have to do is call us and discuss your needs with our experts. We will be more than glad to serve and assist you. Try our air or ocean export service for your company and we ascertain you that you will never be disappointed with our alliance.


Ocean Export

We could be in for a rough ride as far as containerized exports are concerned. If you have regular shipments on a specific trade lane, make sure to contact your forwarder to develop a contingency plan and agree on pre-booking containers as far out as you can. Of course, if you have trouble moving your product via ocean, you can always ship it air…spoken like a true forwarder.


Air Import

Our staff is proficient in distribution services and can accommodate your needs for palletizing, shrink wrapping, labeling and preparing domestic bills of lading for carriage. This gives us the capability of clearing your shipments through U.S. Customs at the airport, or steamship line's facility and carrying out the distribution directly from our warehouse. This will save you valuable delivery time and eliminate any unnecessary handling of your cargo.


Ocean Import

We maintain one of the finest Import Services in Los Angeles. To substantiate this, we have two members of our staff who are licensed by Bangladesh Customs as Custom House Brokers. This ensures proper application of the Customs Regulations and the correct classification of the tariff schedule applied to each entry.